I grew up going to church but tended to stop going when times got hard. My family always had a lot of brokenness in it for as long as I can remember. There was alcoholism, drug abuse, and sibling rivalries, making it a hard place to feel loved at times. Going to school was not any easier. I was always seeking the acceptance of others and was often changing my personality to suit others. I had a lot of friends abandon me for either the weight of my problems being to grave or to make a joke out of me being desperate for love.

I ended up becoming depressed and suicidal; there was a point when I plotted a day to end it all. That night, I was invited back to Edge for the first time that year, and when I went, I heard a life-changing story. I listened to the testimony of someone who knew the pain I felt and still found overwhelming love in Jesus. Immediately, I knew the reason I had never found fulfillment was because real life was in Christ. I gave my life to Him that day.

Ever since I have been involved in leadership roles and service work at the church. I have been shown unfathomable healing that I thought was impossible. God has used my testament of His healing and love to share the gospel with others. For the first time in my life, I can truthfully say I found purpose in this life and for my suffering. The Lord has wholly redeemed my brokenness for His glory all to call me His. What a great God.

– Holly Trommer