COVID-19 has brought a lot of change to many lives in 2020. Jobs have been lost. The sense of ‘normal’ continues to be in flux. Family members have been sick, and, sadly, some have died. With the number of cases continuing to rise, families are continuing to spend time at home. How can we be sure to use this time to help our families grow closer? Here are a few ideas on how to take a step closer together as we find our new ‘normal.’ 

Do something new 

Quarantine will force us into routines. Routines become stale, and we fall into the same motions over and over. If we are not careful, we can lose a sense of purpose in what we are doing. So sit down with your family and brainstorm new ideas for adventure together. In my family, we like to be active. Our plans center on a family wiffleball or football game, board game night, or a relaxing family movie night. Changing it up keeps family time fresh and allows us to enjoy new things together. 

Take a drive 

Our kids are 12, 10, 7, 4, 3, and 1. All boys. Rambunctious and full of life. Loading everyone up in the truck and driving around gets the family in close proximity but in a relaxed setting. We may go to a drive-thru for a tasty snack or take a ride through The Valley. No matter the activity, being intentional about getting out of the house is essential. 

Find a home renovation project to do together 

Have you ever thought about hanging lights on your back deck? Have you been wanting to pressure wash the side of the house? What about finally pulling those weeds in the garden? Sit down and think of home projects you want to accomplish during your time at home and invite your family to help. Sure, if you have ever asked your child to do something like this, you may get the typical eye roll. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Make it a contest. Split up into teams to see who can get their job done first. Have a prize. Do it together. 

Introduce family storytime 

I might suggest splitting this into two separate categories—one for the younger kids and one for the older kids. Find a series of books you want to go through with your kids and get sucked into the adventure together. Have your favorite snack on hand, and get lost in a book. The CCC Kids team loves to read, and we have plenty of suggestions, should you be interested. Email us! 

No place quite like the park 

The park can help us engage our kids with new surroundings. I am always fascinated by what holds my child’s attention. Some of my kids love to play tag with dad. Other kids love to use their imagination and live out a story. Either way, seek out their attention and play. If you can get off the bench, do it! If you can put down your phone, you should. 


Our families will grow as close as we lead them. Let’s be intentional. We would love to hear from you about how you are growing closer together as a family. Reach out to me, [email protected], and share your ideas.