We do a lot to make a big church feel small. From community groups to bible studies and everything in between, there are people just waiting to connect with you and connect you to Jesus.

Kids & Students

We try to provide your kids with a safe place to get to know Jesus on their level. And we have some serious fun doing it.

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You fit in here. Really, you do. Find out what’s going on around here so you can find out how. There’s a group, a class, an event…something just for you. This church thing really is more fun together.

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Care & Support

Life can be rough. No matter what you’re going through, God sees you and longs to go through it with you. We do too. We’ve got counseling, financial assistance, support groups, marriage recovery and more. Let us help. We can do this together.

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Baptism is the next step after you’ve decided to give your life to Christ. If you’re ready to tell everyone what God has done and who he has made you, find out more about baptism.

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Mission & Outreach

Don’t think just because this is a big place that you’re not needed to serve. It’s about so much more than helping out on Sunday mornings. God is moving and changing lives all over Northeast Ohio and he’s giving you a front-row seat through service. He asks all of us to step to the plate in service – there are big things waiting for you there.

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It’s more like a member of the body of Christ and less like a membership to Sam’s Club. Membership isn’t admittance to the cool kids’ club, given rights, anonymity or a temporary investment. It’s about accountability, sharing our lives with each other and leaving an eternal legacy together.

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