We all have room to grow in our faith and our relationships.

That’s why we offer a variety of ways to get connected with other people, whether you’re looking for a group in a similar stage of life or friends from a completely different background. Here’s your chance to get involved—to learn and to laugh, to celebrate and to comfort. We’re social creatures after all, and God designed us for community. We know you’ll fit in wonderfully!


Whether you’re looking for mentors you can lean on and learn from, peers you can relate with and rely on, or simply a means of expending some energy on the basketball court or golf course, guys, we’ve got you covered. Find out more about opportunities to hang out and grow in the company of others striving to live as godly men.

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Whether you are single or married, a mom, an athlete, a busy professional, or several of the above, we have a place for you in our women’s groups. From Bible studies focused on living as a daughter of God to groups designed for women in similar walks of life, take advantage of some of the many ways to get connected with the ladies around you.

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Marriage is one of life’s most epic adventures. It can also be a challenge. We want to help you build an amazing marriage built on a deep and true understanding of God and his intentions for it: faithfulness, love, and forgiveness. We have resources to help you prepare for, build and save your marriage.


Want to get married here? We’ll tell you about getting married at our church, but even more, we’ll connect you with mentors to help you prepare!


In addition to mentoring, we offer classes and workshops year-round. Your relationship is either spiraling up or down, so it’s a worthy investment!


If you’ve hit a rough spot, we can help. Whether you need to meet with a pastor, counselor or coach, now is the perfect time to get started.

Act II (55+)

Sometimes the most active years of your life are those after retirement. You’re wise, you’re experienced, and you’re ready to follow even more closely in God’s footsteps. If that sounds like you and you’re 55 or older, Act II is your next step. Find your place among a group of believers dedicated to growing in fellowship, empowering and equipping the next generation, and benefit the church, the community, and the world in the process.

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