There’s more to prepare than finding a venue for your big day. Let’s help get you ready for both your wedding day and the rest of your lives together.

Questions? Check out our Wedding FAQs or email [email protected].

Step 1: Wedding Date & Location Confirmation

First things first, let’s find out if your preferred wedding date and location is available if requesting a campus. Submit the following form then we’ll be in touch to let you know which of your preferred dates and locations are available.

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Step 2: Wedding Application

Once your date is confirmed, you’ll need to fill out the wedding application. The application will collect all the information we need to start your marriage prep process. It will also help us determine what your wedding fees will be (usually $300-$560 depending on what services are required).

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Step 3: Pastor Interview

Once your application has been submitted, and you’ve paid your fees, we’ll schedule you for an interview with one of our pastors. During this meeting the pastor will review your application to help determine your readiness for marriage and answer questions you may have.

Step 4: Merge Pre-Marital Mentoring Class

Your next step is to complete Merge, which is an 8-week pre-marital class that helps you prepare for marriage in a safe, fun, challenging, and authentic space. Group teachings are accompanied by small group discussions to address common challenges in marriage from a biblical perspective.

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Step 5: 2on2 Mentoring

2on2 mentoring is available for engaged couples who have completed Merge and wish to have CCC officiate their wedding ceremony. In this fun, intimate setting, you will get the opportunity to meet with a mentor couple 4-6 times before your wedding. Couples will complete a marriage assessment which will serve as a guide for your time with your mentor couple. Couples who are getting married at one of our campuses or are requesting a CCC officiate will need to complete the 2on2 mentoring.