Community groups are a big deal

because God designed you to be connected with other people. You weren’t made to only sit in rows on a Sunday morning. You were made to get into a circle. You were made to live the Christian life together. So we invite you to come and experience what God designed you for. We know you’ll fit in wonderfully.

Join a Group

There are two ways to join a group: we can help you, or you can take the lead.

We Can Help: Joining a group can be scary, so we’ve made this as seamless as possible. Use our Community Group Search to view groups and contact group leaders. If you’re not feeling quite so bold, watch our events calendar for a community group open house or our church-wide initiatives to start new groups. Either way, we’re here to help!

You Got This: Another way to join a group is through friendships made at CCC during both weekend services and serving opportunities — feel free to ask if you can join their community group! This is a great natural way to plug into an existing group with friends you already know and trust.

Real Stories from Real Groups

Start a Group

If you are interested in starting your own Community Group, that’s great. We are looking for new leaders, and we have a great way to help you form your group. We encourage you to start by filling out an application. If you have some questions or want more information on leading, don’t hesitate to email Mike Holwerda, our Discipleship & Outreach pastor.

Leader Application

Mike Holwerda

Associate Pastor of Vision & Strategy

God has made us—and you—for community. It can truly transform your life, your faith, and this church. I want you to experience that kind of life-changing community. So, I’m here for you. Whether you are a part of one or leading one. Whether you would like to join one or start one, I’d love to help. If you have questions, concerns, feedback, or just want to chat more, don’t hesitate. I look forward to hearing from you.