Door #2 exists to glorify God and further His kingdom by using the visual arts to express his truth and love.

Everything in the world needs to be redeemed: every person, relationship, occupation, media, and surely the arts. We want to be part of the redemption process. We desire to inspire and equip others to understand and communicate the Gospel through the visual arts.

Open Studio

We host an Open Studio at The Block on Thursdays 3-7 p.m. and offer free materials, space, and expertise. We’ll have an unstructured freshness as well as the occasional visiting artist or even a simple tutorial. Whether you’re into the arts, need help on an idea, or just like to dabble, we would love for you to stop in and bring friends. Open Studio welcomes high school and college-age students, and on the first Thursday of every month, adults are encouraged to join us, too! Follow Door #2 on Instagram for updates and event info.

Live Art

From time to time, Live Art takes place during worship as a visual bridge to the understanding of Scripture. It can help people see more of God’s characteristics, like love, truth, and power. God sometimes uses art to create transformational moments in people’s lives. Live Art, like a worship song, is a means of worship and not to be a distraction or performance.

Rome Outreach

Door #2 is privileged to be part of the diversifying mission in Rome for years now. As God continues to move considerably in the city, Door #2 works with Hopera, a local church led by Pastor Rene’ Breuel, and other local ministries. Our focus has been on creating an environment for the local church to reach their community and equip their congregation in various ministries, especially art and music. Alongside Adriana discipling young artists year-round, much attention has been given to creating awareness events and artwork in support of anti-human trafficking ministries.

Interactive Experiences

Our Interactive Experiences leverage the power of all 5 of your senses to help you understand and remember God’s truth in powerful new ways. As you’re guided through scripture, you might hear interesting sounds, mold clay, taste or smell something sweet or examine a piece of art. Each interaction will open your mind and heart to absorb all there is to offer in God’s word, plus you might go home with some gifts to remind you of what you learned! These experiences are designed to deepen your love for God, while also providing a great event to invite your friends and neighbors too who may not know him.

Visual Bible Studies

These Bible studies use the visual image to enhance your process of understanding and remembering God’s Word by helping you respond to what you’ve seen and heard through various styles of art, like drawing, painting, sculpture, and more.

Community Outreach

God is enlarging our borders to use visual art as a means to transform individuals and communities alike through Jesus. Door #2 is actively involved with many local ministries, including Rahab, Restoration Chapel, many recovery groups, and is continually developing relationships with the local artistic community. For more information, please email Adriana Caso at [email protected].