Membership at CCC

Church membership isn’t an admittance to the cool kids’ club, nor is it about gaining special rights or a temporary investment. It’s about accountability, sharing your life with others, and leaving an eternal legacy together. Becoming a member of CCC means becoming a member of the body of Christ.

CCC asks that you consider membership because we want to make a commitment to each other. Membership is about inclusion, which is why we strongly encourage every member to serve locally or globally in the mission of the church. The early church thrived because its members were willing to identify themselves as followers of Christ, committed to supporting each other and acting as one unified body. Today, we embody that same spirit by becoming members of the church and following Jesus together.

Want to join in on the action, connecting with others in purposeful life together through the church, and connecting with God in the process? You’re in the right place. The first step to becoming a member is completing our series of short courses, CCC 101. Read on to learn more and sign up today.

CCC 101

We talk a lot about our vision at CCC to know Jesus, to grow in him, and to serve him daily. To the people of CCC, these three core principles are more than just catchy sayings. We desire for this vision to be the heartbeat of our leaders and church members. CCC 101 is the class that will help you learn how to apply this vision to your life while learning more about us and your own spiritual gifts. You should sign up for CCC 101 if you want to become a CCC member or if you became a member before we launched CCC 101 and now want to brush up on the fundamentals or start serving. In CCC 101 you’ll cover three areas:

  • Know 101: Review the fundamental truths of knowing God and Jesus as your savior. Also, learn more about our church doctrines and beliefs.
  • Grow 101: Learn practical ways to strengthen your relationship with Jesus and grow in your faith at CCC.
  • Serve 101: Discover your spiritual gifts to find out the best ways you can serve Jesus at CCC and in your day-to-day life.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a CCC 101 class to take the next step! In the meantime, continue getting connected at church wherever you can and feel free to email Denise if you have any questions. We’ll see you around!

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