International Friendship Connection (IFC)

is our ministry to international students at Kent State University.

The heart of IFC is lifestyle evangelism – offering comfort, hospitality, and kindness to the “foreigner in our land.” By spending time with students and sharing our lives with them, we demonstrate the love of Christ in practical ways. Below are three ways for you to participate

Friendship Partners

International students coming to Kent State are often looking for more than just taking classes. Many want to experience American culture and see a typical American home. Often students request to connect with an American family. IFC tries to help by matching students with American individuals or families. Students and their Friendship Partners are encouraged to spend time together on at least a monthly basis, especially during the holidays, and to keep in regular contact through e-mail, texting or Facebook.

Prayer Partners

Only the Holy Spirit can prepare students to hear the gospel and turn their hearts to Jesus. The IFC ministry is joyfully, gratefully, and totally dependent on the Lord to help and guide us voluntarily build meaningful friendships and share the good news of Jesus Christ with international students. IFC Prayer Partners receive weekly prayer points by email, can attend a quarterly prayer time at CCC, and join other volunteers in semi-annual prayer walks around the Kent State University campus.

August Welcome Activities

International students arrive at KSU in August – two weeks before classes begin. At IFC “welcome tables” volunteers greet new students, tell them about IFC and encourage them to get involved. Volunteers also offer practical assistance such as cultural orientation, English conversation, trips to Walmart, etc.

Ready to jump in or learn more? Register for our upcoming orientation class on July 19.