Students will regularly have the opportunity to meet Jesus and take steps toward him. In everything we do, the focus of our ministry is communicating to students who Jesus is, what he has done for them, and what it means to follow him. We will equip them to take the next step toward him no matter where they are on the faith spectrum.

All students will feel known. With the desire to create an environment of unconditional belonging prior to belief, our staff, volunteers, and ministry efforts will prioritize safety, being known, and students being cared for. This will be true for all students, regardless of what they believe about Jesus.

We will faithfully and creatively teach the Bible in age-appropriate ways. God speaks to us primarily through his Word. We will do our best to translate this revelation to the lives and needs of teenagers, helping them grow in confidence that God wants to actively speak to them through the Bible.

We will experiment and innovate in our programming in order to seek better ways for students to connect with God. “The way we’ve done things” will not be a factor in our decisions; Risks will be celebrated; failure is an opportunity for learning; creativity and collaboration will be prioritized.

With sustainability, health, and relationships as priorities, CCC Student Ministry staff will create a margin for creativity and productivity. The program will not control us. CCC student ministry staff will experience the freedom to be creative and move beyond a task-oriented mentality.

Relationship trumps program. Our staff and volunteers will be more focused on the relational and spiritual needs of our students than on the execution of our programs. To this end, we will embrace change and innovation in expectations that have become commonplace.

We will prioritize meeting students on their turf alongside our commitment to excellent ministry at The Block. We will plan ministry events and initiatives that put us into a position to connect with students who don’t know Jesus on their territory, where they exist and are comfortable. We will make the Block a place that, when students show up, they will feel at home regardless of their faith status.

We will integrate students into the life of CCC. Knowing that adolescent faith development requires connection with the church (and not only the student ministry), we will enable and empower students to become an active, vital part of the greater church body.