Our theme this year is Transformed in 2018. We believe the best and most radical kind of transformation happens together in a community centered around God’s Word. That’s exactly why we have a brand-new, church-wide community group initiative called Ephesians Together beginning the weekend of September 9. It brings together two powerful things: community and God’s Word. You will hear preaching and teaching through the book of Ephesians in our weekend services while you discuss, process, and apply Ephesians both together in groups and in your own time through study books. It’s a new way to experience church. It’s a new way to experience God’s Word. It’s a new way to experience community.

Ephesians Together, so we can be Transformed Together.

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Ephesians | 11.11 | Jimmy Kozy

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Our discussion guides provide you with questions to help dive deeper into our weekly messages. Come back each week to download a new set of questions.

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The Ephesians Together book has been specially designed by our team to walk you through a daily quiet time in God’s Word, encouraging you to stop, pray and respond to Scripture. There’s even a place to take notes during the weekend message and in your community group discussion. Haven’t picked up a book for $5 in our bookstore yet? Download notes for the first two weeks below.