You have a role in a much bigger story, one that makes Jesus famous.

We sometimes put ourselves center-stage when reading Scripture, asking questions like, “What does this passage mean to me?” But what if the story of the Bible is about something bigger, and what does it mean that we aren’t the stars of the show? In 2019, we’ll explore how our personal transformation is only the beginning of all that God is doing and the great work he has prepared for each of us.

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2019 Initiatives

RZIM + the Rome House Church

We’re a church that obeys God when he tells us in Micah 6:8 to do justice and love mercy. As such, several times a year we highlight ministry partners during weekend services and give them 100% of the tithes and offerings from that weekend. The Rome House Church has a vision for helping believing refugees reach Muslims in Rome and Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) is an organization of evangelists using apologetics to reach people all over the world. Please join us in giving and praying for these ministries to support their justice and mercy efforts here and around the world.

Give to the Rome Initiative

Only Jesus

Who provides light in the darkness? Who is entirely trustworthy, and fully dependable? Who offers a home to those who are lost or alone? Who is always and always will be victorious, even over death? Only Jesus. We seek many things for fulfillment, but only Jesus can provide fulfillment in all things. Join us in our new series starting the weekend of March 3 to discover how only Jesus is greater than everything.

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Restore Addiction Recovery

Restore Addiction Recovery has a vision for a long-term addiction recovery program that is Christ-centered and biblically based. Please pray for Restore Addiction Recovery and if you’re passionate about supporting their vision, learn more about how you can make a difference at

Give to Restore

Unified // A 21-Day Prayer Initiative

Jesus prayed that there would be a cross-based, blood-bought, grace-purchased oneness among his followers so powerful, enduring, and counter-cultural that onlookers would believe in him. Follow along as you’re guided through 21 days of prayer.


Orchard NEO

Orchard NEO is committed to identifying men who believe that the local church is God’s plan for reaching Northeast Ohio and doing everything possible to help them realize God’s vision for their role in this work.

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