Church should be for everybody,

yet we know there are a lot of things that keep people away from our building.

Whether it’s a poor past experience in church, health or financial problems, or a busy schedule— be a part of our weekend service through our live stream. There are two venues to choose from, East Hall or Sanctuary, where the message is the same but the worship is a little different. We hope you enjoy your live stream experience, and we also hope we can meet you in person sometime soon!

Two Venues to Choose From

Join us in the Sanctuary for a more classic worship experience. One week there may be a full choir, and the next a string ensemble. If you tune in to this service, be prepared to clap your hands and sing along in your kitchen, it will be hard not to! East Hall tends to be more of a contemporary worship experience– but you don’t have to be young to enjoy it! If you enjoy music by All Sons and Daughters, Hillsong, or Citizens, this venue is for you. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and sing along with us no matter where you are.


East Hall

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