What would it take to reimagine your life?

Message Series

The term “Reimagine” seems to be in the air. From beauty products to law firms, companies use this term in their advertising campaigns to get your attention. Their message is that people can take a part of their life that is broken and reimagine it with a new product or service to see it flourish. The very concept recognizes that this world isn’t how it ought to be. But each company offers only temporary fixes for little pockets of life.

What would it take for you to reimagine your entire life? What would it mean to get to the center of your heart and not just put band-aids on your problems?

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21-Day Reimagine Prayer Initiative

These 21 days together will focus on prayer to help reshape the future of our church. Our hope is that because of Jesus we will see many lives reimagined—lives of those within a 10-mile radius, Northeast Ohio, and around the world.


Reimagine Class

This 3-week class will unpack the central truths that drive the mission of CCC. It will cover our theology, how our church fits into that theology, and how each individual person has a role in our mission. How do you know if you’re ready to take the class? The first session is designed to give you an overview of future classes where you can determine if you want to proceed. Sign up for the first class today!

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