What does it look like to have in-person services?

To ensure the safety of everyone who walks through our doors, we will be transitioning back into our regular routine slowly and strategically. Please read our FAQs and check out Pastor Joe’s weekly updates for future updates, like service times and on campus requirements.

Watch the updates

Do you have a question that wasn’t addressed in the update videos or our FAQs section? Email our team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


I heard it’s required to get my temperature taken before entering. Can you tell me a little more about that?

We are requiring everyone to take their temperatures before they come to service. If you forget to do this before you come to the church, don’t worry! Our staff will be there to take it for you. Each entrance will have someone there to greet you with a smile and a non-contact thermometer. We kindly ask you to stay home if you have a temperature of 100.1 or higher.

Will masks be required?

Masks are required at all services. While we will have masks available at the door, please bring your own mask if you have one. The requirement to wear masks extends to our CCC Kids area for Sunday morning children’s programming.

Will there be singing?

To put it simply: Heck. Yes. And we can’t wait!

We want you to experience church exactly how you’d expect, so we will sing together in all of our services. If that makes you uncomfortable, totally okay! Again, you can always watch from home until you feel more comfortable.

Will there be programming for my children?

We are so excited to welcome your 2nd through 5th-grade students back to The Grid! Beginning Aug. 1 & 2, we will open up the rest of our kids’ classrooms. Our CCC Kids team can’t wait to connect with your little ones again!

Are your kiddos waiting until August to return to CCC Kids? While we’re bummed we can’t connect with them yet; we are still creating great content specifically for them. Head to ccchapel.com/kids to check out Summer Adventure Series, a fun video series that has a workbook to go with it! We also encourage your family to join us at ccchapel.com/live during one of our online service times until we resume full children’s programming.

Will CCC be cleaning in between services?

Of course! Our rockin’ Facilities team will sanitize our worship spaces, using the latest technology, between each service. They can completely sanitize each venue in seven minutes! In order to complete this in a timely manner, we ask that you exit the worship venue as soon as the service is over.

Are we social distancing?

In an effort to care well for everyone in attendance, we have made adjustments throughout the campus. A few of these adjustments include: creating more space in the Atrium by removing some furniture, spacing out the chairs in East Hall, propping or holding open doors, and touch-free bathroom fixtures.

Though you are still free to move around the church, we ask that you please respect everyone’s space. If you want to hug a friend, be sure to ask them if they’re comfortable with that first! And if you’re standing so close to someone that you smell their new deodorant, it’s safe to assume you’re a little too close for comfort!

Will communion or offering plates be passed?

During our transition back to campus, we will not be passing offering plates in services. You may give online at ccchapel.com/give or place your offering in the giving boxes at the back of each venue.

Communion will be available for pick-up on the way into each venue in single-serving, disposable cups. The pre-packaged elements are not gluten-free. After you take communion, please hang on to the cup and throw it away on your way out.

How are you ensuring baptism will be safe?

We are taking a variety of precautions to ensure everyone’s safety during baptisms! Before filling the baptismal, it will be fully sanitized. The water will be chlorinated and we will check those levels for safety prior to each service. Any area of the baptismal that is touched will be disinfected between each participant and the baptizing pastors will wear masks.

Additionally, those being baptized will be required to have their temperature taken and hands sanitized before the service. Any participant feeling unwell, regardless of specific symptoms, will be asked to stay home for the safety of all involved. Disinfecting products will be available for all participants in the changing areas.

What if I am not comfortable returning to in-person services?

No problem! You are welcome to continue being a part of our CCC family through streaming at ccchapel.com/live. We will welcome you back whenever you’re ready!

Will Pastor Joe’s message still have 3 points?

Of course! We’re not sure what we would do if he didn’t. If you’re lucky, he might even bring a bike wheel!