We’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when we can reopen our campus for weekend services!

To ensure the safety of everyone who walks through our doors, we will be transitioning back into our regular routine slowly and strategically. This video outlines our reopening plan and provides you with instructions on how to return to our campus in the safest manner possible.

Please watch this video in its entirety so you are prepared for weekend services.

Note: Details do change week to week. For future updates, like service times and on campus requirements, please follow Pastor Joe’s Weekly Updates here.


We’ve had a long break from meeting as a church, and we couldn’t possibly answer every question in our brief video above. Here’s a quick list of frequently asked questions for our return to campus.



Do you have a question that wasn’t addressed in the video or our FAQs section?
Email our team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.