Christianity: Famous or Infamous?

2,000 years ago, Jesus left his followers with specific instructions of how to love God and love people well. And ever since then, Christians have been messing it up. Imagine a beautiful choir with one person singing too loud or out of key. One bad thing, no matter how small, can have a negative effect on something so great. Sometimes people experience the Christian faith in much of the same way. From wars and oppression throughout the ages to the judgment and hypocrisy in our current daily lives. Why has the church misinterpreted Jesus’ commands so poorly, or just blatantly disregarded them altogether? Join us as we examine how we missed the mark and what can be done now to reclaim his true mission and bring fame to his name for all the right reasons.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
2.24.19 Good or Bad for the World Joe Coffey
2.17.19 Justice or Injustice Mike Holwerda
2.10.19 Judgmental or Merciful Joe Coffey
2.3.19 Us vs. Them Joe Coffey
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