Dirty Dozen

Who do you think Jesus would invite to a party? Not only was Jesus known for reaching out to the strangers and outcasts around him, but it seems like those who were most ignored and despised by society were also most worthy of Jesus' time and attention. Maybe we need to do a better job of seeing people the way Jesus sees them. In this series, we're challenged to get to know twelve people from Jesus' life that we wouldn't have expected him to interact with.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
8.18.19 The Paralytic Joe Coffey
8.11.19 The Thief on the Cross Joe Coffey
8.4.19 The Canaanite Woman Zach Weihrauch
7.28.19 The Woman Who Made Jesus Late Joe Coffey
7.21.19 Nicodemus Mike Holwerda
7.14.19 The Woman at the Well Zach Weihrauch
7.7.19 Zacchaeus Zach Weihrauch
6.30.19 Thomas Joe Coffey
6.23.19 Mary Magdalene Joe Coffey
6.16.19 Peter Joe Coffey
6.9.19 The Demon Possessed Man Todd Iannetta
6.2.19 Levi Joe Coffey
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