The book of Ephesians has one overarching theme: out with the old and in with the new. This year's focus on transformation continues as we walk together through the book of Ephesians, focusing on the newness that a relationship with Christ brings to every part of life.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
11.18.18 Old Enemy, New Battle Joe Coffey
11.11.18 New Power Jimmy Kozy
11.4.18 New Marriage Joe Coffey
10.28.18 New Walk Todd Iannetta
10.28.18 New Walk Mike Holwerda
10.21.18 New Self Joe Coffey
10.14.18 New Community Joe Coffey
10.7.18 New Purpose Joe Coffey
9.30.18 New Family Caleb Eernisse
9.30.18 New Family
9.23.18 New Life Todd Iannetta
9.23.18 New Life Jimmy Kozy
9.16.18 New Hope Joe Coffey
9.9.18 New Status Joe Coffey
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