12.11.16 | Joe Coffey | Greater Than the Temple

The Temple of Jerusalem was a mighty structure to behold, taking approximately 183,000 workers seven years to complete. Built with 25 tons of gold, costing the equivalent of around $3 billion in modern-day dollars and signifying the presence of the living God, the Temple's magnificence was unrivaled in the eyes of the ancient Hebrews. For all these reasons, when Jesus stated he would tear down the Temple and in three days it would be rebuilt, people were incredulous.

No one realized at the time that Jesus was speaking of his own death and resurrection, not a literal destruction of the Temple, yet the Temple would not go untouched upon Jesus' death. When he died on the cross, the extraordinarily thick curtain separating common people from God’s holy place was torn apart, symbolizing that the barrier between us and God has been removed once and for all. No longer would it be necessary for priests to offer sacrifices on behalf of the people on the Day of Atonement, for Jesus' blood was poured out for all. Jesus became the eternal sacrifice for the sins of mankind, becoming far greater than the awesome Temple ever could be.

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