Only Jesus

Who provides light in the darkness? Who is entirely trustworthy, and fully dependable? Who offers a home to those who are lost or alone? Who is always and always will be victorious, even over death? Only Jesus. We seek many things for fulfillment, but only Jesus can provide fulfillment in all things. Join us in our new series to discover how only Jesus is greater than everything.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
4.21.19 Offers Forgiveness Joe Coffey
4.14.19 Offers a Home Joe Coffey
4.7.19 Offers Hope Zach Weihrauch
3.31.19 The True Shepherd Joe Coffey
3.24.19 Offers Sight Joe Coffey
3.17.19 Offers Light Zach Weihrauch
3.10.19 Offers Life Todd Iannetta
3.3.19 Offers Joy Joe Coffey
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