Responding to the King

For a lot of us, the idea of serving a king is a foreign one. If someone announced the birth of a baby and said "Here is your king," how would you respond? When Jesus was born, kings were commonplace, but reactions to this particular king varied. The shepherds were taken by surprise, shocked and awed amidst the routines of their lives. The wise men, advisors to the political elite through the interpretation of stars and signs, followed this sign too and found the meaning and source of life. Threatened by the dynasty of a new king, reigning King Herod made a plan to keep his power. In this series, we'll take a look at these contrasting reactions and search out our response to the kingdom of God.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
12.24.17 The Magi, Herod, the Shepherds and You Joe Coffey
12.17.17 The Shepherds Joe Coffey
12.10.17 Herod Caleb Eernisse
12.3.17 The Magi Joe Coffey
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