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1.29.17 | Joe Coffey | America + Race = Hope

Jameel McGee’s life was turned upside down when a crooked police officer, Andrew Collins, framed him for drug dealing and sent him to prison for a 10-year sentence. His sentence was overturned after four years once Andrew was arrested for corruption, but Jameel still lost years of freedom. He was bitter, and when he encountered Andrew again, he wasn’t sure he could contain his anger.

God works in unexpected ways, however. Jameel and Andrew both came to know God throughout their ordeals and became unlikely friends as a result. In this evening session, both men joined CCC’s lead pastor Joe Coffey and Highland Square founding pastor Marshall Brandon to talk about race relations in America. What can we do to improve them, the power of forgiveness, and how God can ultimately change us to be forces of good in this world—loving God and loving one another, no matter what.

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