10.22.17 | Joe Coffey | The Problem of a King

We have a strange relationship with kings. There is a part of each of us that wants a king, fascinated by their power and portrayal as heroes in our stories. There is another part of us, however, that rebels against the idea of a king, resenting the idea that they might lord over us and tell us how to live our lives. We love kings, but we seem to hate them at the same time. That, fundamentally, is the problem of a king.

But the fact is we need a king on an innate, spiritual level. God is the ultimate king, demonstrating complete authority over all things; yet as with any king, we pull away as part of our sinful desire to rule our own lives. If, however, we can learn to obey his commands, accept whatever he brings into our lives and look forward to the fulfillment of his kingdom, we can begin to experience the endless joy God intends for us as a part of his kingdom.

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