Surprisingly Simple

When you think about making Jesus famous, what do you think of? It's easy to assume the task is set aside for leaders, pastors, or global missionaries. But what if you started looking at your seemingly small, daily actions as a way to make God's name known? Think about the impact you could have if you invite a new co-worker over for dinner, offer forgiveness to someone that has hurt you, or give generously to those in need. Every single day we are presented with surprisingly simple ways to make Jesus famous. Join us as we learn how to notice those opportunities and joyfully respond in obedience.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
11.24.19 Obedience Zach Weihrauch
11.17.19 Hospitality Joe Coffey
11.10.19 Generosity Zach Weihrauch
11.3.19 Forgiveness Joe Coffey
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