The 10 Commandments

“Thou Shall Not” doesn’t sound like the start to a love story, but as we’ll discover through this sermon series, God’s whole law, including the 10 Commandments, when rightly understood, really is all about love. Join us as we take a look at a different commandment every week to understand why God gave them to us and how they can help us love him and others around us more deeply and freely than ever before.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
4.5.20 Do Not Covet Joe Coffey
3.29.20 Do Not Lie Zach Weihrauch
3.22.20 Do Not Steal Joe Coffey
3.15.20 Do Not Commit Adultery Todd Iannetta
3.8.20 Do Not Murder Zach Weihrauch
3.1.20 Honor Your Father and Mother Joe Coffey
2.23.20 Work and Rest Joe Coffey
2.16.20 Don’t Speak for Me Zach Weihrauch
2.9.20 Don’t Make Me Up Joe Coffey
2.2.20 The 10 Commandments Joe Coffey
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