The Most Famous Story

Each Christmas season comes with countless new holiday movies. You can endlessly scroll on Netflix and Hulu to find a seasonal show to watch, and the stores are stocked with Christmas books for your kids. It's clear we love stories about Christmas but do we sometimes miss the reason for the season? This Christmas, we are talking about the most famous Christmas story of them all–the birth of Christ, our King. Join us for a change of pace as you reset your focus on how you can make Jesus famous this Christmas season.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
12.24.19 The Most Famous Gift Joe Coffey
12.22.19 Famous Through You Joe Coffey
12.15.19 Famous on Earth Zach Weihrauch
12.8.19 Famous in Heaven Joe Coffey
12.1.19 The Most Famous Rescue Story Joe Coffey
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