The Way of the Kingdom

The Sermon on the Mount is one of Jesus’ most quoted sermons and includes lots of phrases you’ve probably heard like “salt of the earth,” “light of the world” and the beatitudes: “blessed are those who are poor…meek…hunger and thirst for righteousness” and so on. Jesus used this sermon to turn Jewish law on its head; to name groups of people thought to be unfortunate and pronounce them blessed; he gave his followers a portrait of Christian discipleship that defied anything they’d ever heard.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
9.3.17 The Wise and Foolish Builder Caleb Eernisse
9.3.17 The Wise and Foolish Builder Todd Iannetta
8.27.17 Two Gates Joe Coffey
8.20.17 Ask, Seek, Knock Joe Coffey
8.13.17 Pigs and Pearls Joe Coffey
8.6.17 Don’t Worry, Be Happy Joe Coffey
7.30.17 Treasure Joe Coffey
7.23.17 Are You a Hypocrite? Joe Coffey
7.16.17 Love Your Enemies Tom Randall
7.9.17 Sacred Design Caleb Eernisse
7.9.17 Sacred Design Todd Iannetta
7.2.17 Desire and Faithfulness Mike Holwerda
7.2.17 Desire and Faithfulness Jimmy Kozy
6.25.17 Forgiveness and Reconciliation Jimmy Kozy
6.25.17 Forgiveness and Reconciliation Mike Holwerda
6.18.17 The Beginning of the Way Joe Coffey
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