Transformed Know 101

You learn to crawl before you walk and do your homework before you play outside. You date before you get married and follow before you lead. You put first things first. To kick off our year of transformation, we're doing the same. In this series we will start at the beginning of our mission statement at CCC: to know God. The path to discipleship begins as soon as we come to know Jesus, and our knowledge continues to grow as we believe in him as our savior, belong to the church and publicly acknowledge our faith. Whether you're a skeptic or long-time believer, join us to learn and experience the basics of knowing God.
Date Message Title Speaker Listen/Watch
2.18.18 Inside and Outside Joe Coffey
2.11.18 Belong Mike Holwerda
2.11.18 Belong Caleb Eernisse
2.4.18 Believe Todd Iannetta
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